JSC “QISHLOQENERGOLOYIHA” is a specialized organization in making projects for objects of electrical power supply and electrification of all consumers in rural areas and cities of Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our Joint-Stock Community is responsible for performing technical policy and for strategy of formation and development of electrical power distribution networks of voltages 0.4-6-10-35-110kV;

-it makes regional, district and cities’ electrical networks development schemes of voltages 6-10-35-110kV, and also of electrical networks’ development and modernization schemes of voltages 0.4-10kV in habituated areas;

-it makes feasibility study and working projects of electrical networks in cities, in district centers, in rural areas for industrial enterprises and for objects of small and middle businesses;

-it makes all the complex engineering surveys under the objects of electrical networks with voltages 0.4-220kV,   bases for construction and exploitation of electrical networks and other objects of electrical power industry;

-it makes projects of Backup Diesel Power Stations for consumers of first category special importance;

-it makes projects of 0.4-220kV Overhead lines and 35-220kV Substations;

-performs designer supervision on construction of a designed objects;


Authorized capital stocks and stockholders of JSC “QISHLOQENERGOLOYIHA

Authorized capital of JSC “QISHLOQENERGOLOYIHA” makes UZS 13 167 161,0 thousand.


Stockholders of JSC “QISHLOQENERGOLOYIHA” are following corporate entities: JSC “UZBEKENERGO”, Management center of governmental actives, JSC “ELEKTRQISHLOQQURILISH”, labour collective of  JSC “QISHLOQENERGOLOYIHA”.


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